I’m so excited to have a blog again and to get back into card making! Stay tuned and hopefully I’ll be uploading some creations next week.

I’m patiently ok maybe impatiently waiting for my starter kit and order to arrive.

For now a little about me…


I recently moved to Queensland from Victoria, best decision ever I love LOVE the heat and of course Brisbane have had their hottest January on record!! I am a Mum to 4 kids two girls & two boys aged 16, 13, 9 & 1. I’m currently studying my Bachelors degree in Psychology and want to also study life coaching. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need some zen time for me…I do meditate but when I did some soul searching with my bestie Kellie, I realised what aligns me most with my soul… and is more beneficial to my soul than mediating is card making & teaching, which leads me to here, joining Stampin’ Up! and starting to create, teach & blog again.

Kristy xx

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